Das KloHäuschen
published in im Bilde, magazine of the German professional organisation of visual artists, registered regional association Bavaria, issue 4/11
"I received an invitation to be included in the magazines part 'unusual exhibition spaces'. Can you write a portrait about me?" When an old public toilet, one with vanilla yellow tiling, asks you that, who could reject such an enquiry!

But, to stay with the truth, Das KloHäuschen is actually not an 'exhibition space'. Why? Well, in an exhibition space, exhibitions are being shown. The point of the usage of an exhibition space, is showing exhibitions. That's quite obvious.
Das KloHäuschen on the other hand doesn't need to serve a purpose. It is not being "used" presenting exhibitions. Das KloHäuschen exists for its own purpose. It is an old public rest room facility that is left over. To be more precise: the urinal at the west entrance of Munich's wholesale market hall. And since 2009 it is a profaned space. With the profanation, here in form of the Measures to ensoul the public toilet at Munich's wholesale market, realitätsbüro takes the space in usage and invites to see its natural beauty. To touch it, to feel it and to play with it. Since then Das KloHäuschen is so to say a public toilet in retirement. An old public toilet that is free to explore its possibilities. And it is very content to do that.
Das KloHäuschen has guests, that's true. Often these guests are artists and other persons engaged in the cultural sector, architects, performers, philosophers, and scientists - yes, that's also true. To take into usage, implies of course, that someone wants to do something with the room. To see its beauty and to make the room visible. Which is why realitaetsbüro invites people who in its mind have the knowledge of seeing rooms and making them visible and therefore contribute with an interesting aspect towards the ensolement. It invites them to work together with Das KloHäuschen, to explore its room and to discover new forms of it over and over again. And since it is not about an "exhibition" or "performance", one or another feels like doing something different, to leave the known paths and to look around it.
For example the Bulgarian Pavilion finds a place to stay on its long way to Venice. A well-established artist, know for his photographic works for once doesn't invite to see photos but Christmas tress from last year in June and calls it halftime. Kitchen sponges are flooding the place so that no one can enter any more. And 'The Great Release' discharges its electric tension in lightning following a cryptic plan. A Munich theatre-maker moves in with his whole kit and caboodle to live. Das KloHäuschen for one evening is being turned into a recreation area. And like in the zoo invisible but loudly snoring, a sloth hibernates there. ...

Guests and visitors, they all have to be weatherproof, because the inside of Das KloHäuschen is small and most of the times the guests have to stay outside anyway. Umbrellas and warm shoes are essential, as well as the burning barrel for KloHäuschen's birthday celebrations in February. Just as it was in 2011, when the KloHäuschen WinterPerformanceFestival united newcomers and old stagers of Munich's cultural scene.
And just as its guests come from all kinds of corners, Das KloHäuschen itself is not exclusive. It is connected through its drain holes with the whole earth. It likes the connection with others and has worked with the Munich Offspaces and historical monuments as well as it has been a satellite in an exchange project between Munich and Istanbul. It looks at the other forms, finds common grounds and dissimilarities. And maybe it will make a proper 'exhibition' once? Maybe for its next birthday? Wouldn't that be a great experience!
Munich, October 2011
  Arrangements to Ensoul the Old Public Toilet at Munich's Wholesale Market
A project by Anja Uhlig / realitaetsbüro
supported by the cultural department of the City of Munich.
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