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We're happy you found us here! Most of Das KloHäuschen's site is in German, but for all of our non-German speaking visitors, here's a bit of information in English. Have fun!
WHO OR WHAT IS Das KloHäuschen?

Das KloHäuschen is the small room in the front corner of the outhouse of Munich’s Großmarkthalle (wholesale market) at the west entrance. Up until the late 1990's, this part of the rest room was used as the men's urinals.
However, when Munich artist Anja Uhlig first discovered Das KloHäuschen - empty, but beautiful - she fell in love. Anja Uhlig and her "realitaetsbüro" (office for reality affairs), have been renting the space from the city since Jan. 1, 2009. Anja started a project called The Measures to Ensoul the Old Public Toilet at Munich's Wholesale Market. She works with Das KloHäuschen, and together they invite guests to collaborate. They invite them to see Das KloHäuschen in its natural beauty, to identify a way Das KloHäuschen can interact with their own work and together, create a new work, a work which can be created only with and because of this collaboration. In this way, Das KloHäuschen becomes a brand new space with every collaboration.
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There are two texts about the project, which have been translated into English.
KloHäuschen's Profile
A presentation of Das KloHäuschen and the idea behind it.

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Das KloHäuschen - an invitation to be presented as an "unusual" art space
published in "im Bilde", magazine of the German professional organisation of visual artists, issue 4/2011

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When Das KloHäuschen hosts a guest, the work can be seen from the outside at any time. Only sometimes, in exceptional cases, our guests may offer opening hours, when it suits the work in question. This means that the work is always designed in such a way that it functions primarily from the outside - after all, we are a public space.
Normally we organize one public event for each guest - this is often an opening - but it doesn't have to be. It can also be something else if it suits the work better. During the event you can meet us and maybe we can drink a beer together.

A beer together at the film premiere with Mediendienst Leistungshölle, 2019
On our "aktuell"-page you find all "News": our current and planned guests, an overview over feedback from the press, and some interesting or funny stuff, which Das KloHäuschen has co-produced over the years. It's mostly in German, but I'm confident you'll understand quite a lot.

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In our "archiv"-page you find the links to all our guests from the beginning in 2009 until now. They are all presented with their text and (mostly) with images of their collaboration with Das KloHäuschen. If our guests gave us the text in both languages German and English - or just in English (sometimes you know it from their titles) also the page is containing both languages. If we have only the German text, we don't translate it (artist texts sometimes are really not easy to translate). Then we hope, the pictures will give you an impression - and google translate can help, if you like to know more.

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Das KloHäuschen is a special place. The walls tiled almost to the top in vanilla yellow. Six rounded urinals, whose style recall their hour of birth almost 100 years ago. And a wall, consisting out of transparent glass bricks, to screen the user from view (among all those transparent ones are two yellow and one blue glass brick). And six holes in the ground that continue into the unknown. And always running water inclusive.

You find all measures uncluding a floor plan and a 3D Video here:

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  Since 2012 Das KloHäuschen is hosting its own biennial, the KloHäuschen Biennale (KHBiX). With this international art event, once every two years, Das KloHäuschen turns itself into an "exhibition space" and in doing so also questions what it needs to become such. It hires a curator who invites national and international artists, it offers "art mediation" and a catalogue - and since the 4th edition each KloHäuschen Biennale has even its own website www.kh-biennale.world in german and english! In other words, The KloHäuschen Biennale offers everything you need for a major international art-event - from KloHäuschen's perspective.
And by the way, Das KloHäuschen also confirms its status as a sovereign space, because: "If you have your own biennale, then you are someone like Venice or Istanbul". Everyone knows that.

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  Watch here our digital Flyer containing all KloHäuschen Basics!
KloHäuschen English Folder

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You can find some very nice German articles (with pictures) on our German page >>HERE<<.
But our first English press article has been published in March 2021 in the art magazine RE:MAGAZINE (unfortunately not online anymore).

KloHäuschen RE Magazine

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  • 2018 - Tassilo Culture Prize of the German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung"
  • 2020 - Prize for Galleries and Offspaces of the city of Munich
  Anja Uhlig  
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Das KloHäuschen is always open to artists, architects, scientists and others who would like to work with us, exploring and broadening the range of possibilities this unique space offers. There is no defined format but suitability to the location is essential. Possible formats include installation, space or sound pieces, performance, interactive art, etc.
If you're interested in collaborating, just send us an email to KH@das-klohaeuschen.de.
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  Arrangements to Ensoul the Old Public Toilet at Munich's Wholesale Market
A project by Anja Uhlig / realitaetsbüro
supported by the cultural department of the City of Munich.
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